After spending a year as an Epic Game Store exclusive, Supergiant’s “rogue-like” game “Hades” is now making its way to be an early access title on Steam. The game isn’t complete yet, but the “Bastion” and “Transistor” maker says it’s going to be completed next year.

Hades” is a single-player multiplatform title that puts players in the shoes of a son of Greek god of the underworld Hades as he tries to run away and escape his father’s domain. Players are set on a quest to reach Mount Olympus where other mythical Greek gods live, and will need to defeat all of the underworld’s minions before they can do that.

The game is a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which players enter rooms and need to defeat all enemies present in those rooms in order to proceed. The room layouts are predetermined, but the order in which players enter them are random. The enemies that appear in every room are also randomized, meaning that players won’t be able to predict patterns unlike older games.

Fighting the underworld’s minions from room to room will be difficult. Thankfully, the supportive Olympians will give players some help in the form of gifts. These “gifts” come in the form of persistent boosts that players will choose from. The gifts depend on whoever is giving it: Zeus, for example, can give players some added lightning damage.

Players who die will end up going back to Hades who will then remove all the gifts or powers received from Olympians. Thankfully, players can use acquired currency to get permanent upgrades, or the keys acquired during previous runs to acquire different weapons.

The best aspects combined

Supergiant proudly stated that “Hades” combines the best parts of its previous titles: the fast-paced action from “Bastion,” the rich atmosphere and depth “Transistor” featured, and the character-driven storytelling that “Pyre” had.

The game developers said that “Hades’” game structure will likely be “mostly complete” by the time it gets released on Steam. Players can expect to see:

Four Main Biomes, plus the main hub; Choose from 6 Main Weapons; Receive gifts from eight Olympians, each with 12+ unique Boons; Fight 25 different foes and engage in seven boss fights. All in all, players will see a total of 28 story characters, and enjoy more than 20 music tracks.

“Hades” will be released on Early Access via Steam in Dec. 10.  The complete game is expected to launch in 2020, Engadget noted.