Eric Bolling
Former Fox News host Eric Bolling announced his son, Eric Chase, was found dead. Rumors swirled he committed suicide, though a cause of death was not immediately known. Getty Images

The son of former Fox News host Eric Bolling was found dead Friday, days before World Suicide Prevention Day. A cause of death for 19-year-old Eric Chase was not immediately known, but early rumors claimed the freshman at the University of Colorado took his own life.

Bolling, who was ousted from Fox News hours before his son’s death, denied his son committed suicide. “Adrienne and I are devastated by the loss of our beloved son Eric Chase last night. Details still unclear. Thoughts, prayers appreciated,” he wrote. “Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point. Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

He added the following day: “We are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received. Adrienne and I thank you all and ask that you please keep us in your prayers.”

Eric Chase was the only son Bolling had with his wife, Adrienne.

More than 800,000 people die from suicide every year. Twenty-five times that amount attempt to kill themselves.

Most recently, the entertainment world felt the pain of suicide when stars like Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and Linkin Park star Chester Bennington took their own lives by hanging.

The theme of 2017’s WSPD was to “take a minute, change a life.” The idea behind this is to take responsibility to help people who might be struggling.

“People who have lived through a suicide attempt have much to teach us about how the words and actions of others are important,” the organization writes. “They often talk movingly about reaching the point where they could see no alternative but to take their own life, and about the days, hours and minutes leading up to this. They often describe realizing that they did not want to die but instead wanted someone to intervene and stop them. Many say that they actively sought someone who would sense their despair and ask them whether they were okay.”

They add: “Sometimes they say that they made a pact with themselves that if someone did ask if they were okay, they would tell them everything and allow them to intervene. Sadly, they often reflect that no one asked.”

Eric Chase’s cause of death is currently unknown. Boulder police confirmed they were investigating a death at the University of Colorado, but wouldn’t reveal the student’s identity.

In the wake of the teenager’s death, Fox News Channel issued a statement. “We are very saddened to hear of the passing of Eric Bolling's son,” the network said Saturday. “Eric Chase was a wonderful young man and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bolling family.”

Bolling, 54, was suspended from the network in August after he was accused of sending pictures of his genitals to three female co-workers. FOX News Channel severed ties with him Friday. “The Specialists,” which is the show Bolling hosted, was canned.

Bolling denied the accusations. He threated to seek “legal remedies” for apparent “defamatory accusations” through his lawyer, Michael J. Bowe.

“Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you. I look forward to clearing my name ASAP,” Bolling tweeted Aug. 7. “I will continue to fight against these false smear attacks! THANK YOU FOR CONTINUED SUPPORT.”

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