• Erykah Badu apologized to the Obamas for disregarding the photography and videography ban at his 60th birthday party
  • Badu said what she did was "inconsiderate" and thanked the Obamas for their love
  • She had shared a now-viral video of Barack Obama busting a move on the dance floor alongside singer H.E.R.

Erykah Badu regretted being a "terrible guest" at former President Barack Obama's recent 60th birthday party.

Days after the former POTUS hosted a star-studded soirée at his and wife Michelle Obama's Martha's Vineyard estate on Aug. 7, the 50-year-old singer-songwriter took to Twitter to publicly apologize for behaving in a way she believes was "so inconsiderate" of the Obamas' requests.

"Mr. And Mrs. Obama, please forgive me for being the 'terrible guest' at such a sacred event for your family," she tweeted Thursday. "I was so inconsiderate. Thank you for all your love."

"What an example of 'how NOT' to be," added the singer, who was born Erica Abi Wright, before signing the tweet with her birth name.

The four-time Grammy winner also shot down claims that Obama and the former first lady made her "take down the video and apologize publicly." Badu replied, "Naw [sic] sis. It’s just [the] right thing."

Badu's apology came after she posted — then deleted — a video on her Instagram Story from the party, which prohibited photography and videography, according to Billboard.

The clip reportedly showed Badu standing next to Obama, who danced with H.E.R. before giving the singer a hug. All three were not wearing masks in the video, which quickly went viral after it was uploaded by Badu.

Twitter users weighed in on Badu's apology and the Obamas' photo and video ban.

"An event at their PRIVATE residence and for which they specifically asked guests to not release video," one person commented. "Not only was it disrespectful to disregard the request of your HOSTS, [but] it was [also] a massive SECURITY concern. Do y'all not understand the level of HATE for this family that exists?"

"Shame on you for trying to get a minute of fame. You have to respect your guests' wishes and you didn’t," another user wrote

"[I] think it's great what you did. You exposed hypocrisy! Finally, a WOKE look inside the WOKE crowd," @Jivingene commented.

"At least you exposed the frauds for what they really are," another tweeted.

Some expressed appreciation for her gesture and praised her for issuing a public apology.

"A personal thanks for the apology. If there is such a thing, the Obamas are our royalty. They seem easy, accessible, but a lot of work and discipline went into their brand. Maintaining it is important. Lesson learned. Great that you can be a woman about it. Respect. Blessings," one Twitter user commented.

"It was a birthday party, a memorable event that you were a part of, and took a video capturing the moment, as did others. Some videos were disrespectful on all levels. But your apology speaks volumes about your INTEGRITY and HUMILITY," another added.

Aside from Badu, rapper Trap Beckham and his manager, TJ Chapman, shared a number of photos and videos from the star-studded event, including pictures of themselves smoking marijuana, which is legal in Massachusetts. The artist took down the photos and footage, but they had already been widely reposted on social media.

"Just want to take the time out to Apologize to Obama & Staff for using my social media Saturday as if it were a regular party," he tweeted. "Tbh I was just excited & I never knew it would blow up like this."

Trap Beckham also reposted Badu's apology on Twitter Thursday, writing, "Well said. Truly a misunderstanding and [an] honest mistake."

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