• Different healing items are required for different injuries
  • Always carry at least one healing item for each injury type
  • Some items can heal multiple injuries at once

Getting hit during a raid is inevitable. However, unlike most other games out there, healing in “Escape From Tarkov” is a little more complicated. From various injury types to the handful of medical items available, new players may find the simple act of healing to be needlessly complicated.

Here’s how to properly treat injuries and heal up back to full health in “Escape From Tarkov.”

Injury Types And Healing Items

Before using any sort of healing item, it’s important to know what type of injury you have. To do this, hit Tab and go to the Health panel on the upper left to get a better view of the medical diagram.

Escape From Tarkov's healing mechanics involve careful damage assesment and treatment procedures
Escape From Tarkov's healing mechanics involve careful damage assesment and treatment procedures Battlestate Games

Players will see the HP of each limb and any injuries that they might be suffering. Hover the mouse cursor over the small icon beneath each health bar to see what injury they might be.

Different injuries require different healing items: bleeding can be stopped with bandages, pain can be alleviated with painkillers and so on. Here’s a list of injuries and the items needed to treat them:

  • Light Bleeding – Bandages
  • Heavy Bleeding – Tourniquets/Hemostats
  • Fracture – Splints
  • Pain – Painkillers, Morphine, Vaseline

How To Heal

To treat an injury, players need to use the appropriate medical item from their inventory. Take note that treating an injury will only remove the negative status effect associated with it; actual health will not be restored.

To restore health, players need to use medkits like the AI-2, IFAK, Car, Salewa and Grizzly first aid kits. Using a medkit will restore the health of one limb per use. Players may need to use multiple medkit charges to fully heal if they find themselves heavily damaged.

Additionally, medkits like the Car and Salewa can be used to simultaneously heal and fix Light Bleeding, making them very valuable.

Healing Blacked-Out Limbs

There are only two ways to fix blacked-out limbs: either use a CMS or field surgical kit or successfully extract from the raid.

Blacked-out limbs will reduce the player’s max health, and if they take any additional hits, the damage will be distributed to other body parts. Try to fix them as quickly as possible, or extract them immediately to reduce the risk of death.