The largest space battle in “Eve Online’s” history took place over the weekend. With more than 4,000 players from two of the game’s biggest alliances -- Test Alliance (Test Alliance Please Ignore) and CFC (Clusterf--k Coalition) -- the in-game universe was slowed to a crawl. According to a report by Polygon, this was done to account for lag and the stress the battle had on the game universe’s servers.

A tweet from an “Eve Online” game developer confirmed that this particular battle was the largest in “Eve Online” history, maxing out at 4,070 pilots. According to his tweet, the previous battle holding the record for most ships and pilots topped out at 3,615 players in a single area.

The Verge said that when the battle was finally over more than 2,900 ships were destroyed in combat, leaving the CFC alliance victorious over Test alliance. The battle lasted nearly five hours. As a result of its win, the CFC alliance will gain control over various travel routes, resources and other in-game assets formerly held by Test alliance.

“Eve Online” is a science fiction space massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, that has gained the attention of gamers since its initial release in 2003. Its complex game mechanics and economy have resulted in massive space battles, Ponzi schemes and virtual political alliances, among other happenings, in the virtual universe over the years.

You can take a look at a condensed video from the battle. While it may be difficult to discern what's exactly going on, the massive size of this battle is well seen through this video.