Roy Oliver, a white former police officer convicted of murder for fatally shooting a black teenager, was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday.

Oliver fired into a car packed with teenagers in suburban Dallas in April 2017. Jordan Edwards, 15, who was sitting was sitting in the front seat was struck and killed. 

At the time of the shooting, Oliver said he and his partner were responding to a report of underage drinking at a house party. He claimed the car was trying to run over his partner. However, body-cam footage showed the car was moving away from the officer as they approached.

Oliver was fired a few days post the incident after police officials admitted that the video of the shooting contradicted Oliver’s initial statements.

There were hugs, claps and cheers from the family of Edwards in the courtroom on Tuesday as a Dallas County jury convicted him of murder.

His father, Odell Edwards, said he was thankful for the decision and felt like jumping for joy. “I just want to say I’m happy, very happy,” he said, adding that it’s “been a long time,” Time reported.

During the closing arguments Tuesday, Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson called Oliver a "killer in blue" who violated his oath to protect citizens. Oliver’s attorney Bob Gil argued that his client had to decide quickly how best to protect his partner.

While the prosecutor asked for at least 60 years imprisonment, the defense argued for 20 years or less, CNN reported.

Daryl Washington, Edwards's lawyer, said the judgment is not just about justice for Jordan’s family but for families of all unarmed black people killed by police.

"This case is not just about Jordan. It's about Tamir Rice, it's about Walter Scott, it's about Alton Sterling, it's about every unarmed African American who has been killed and who has not got justice,” Washington told reporters Tuesday. “This was a long fought battle. We are just happy … that Roy Oliver is gonna have to do his time for taking Jordan’s life. What he did on that night should have never happened."

Prosecutor Shawn Keedra Martin said, “Now is the time that you are going to get to see the man Roy Oliver is. The evil that is in Roy Oliver. You don’t know the half of it,” FOX 10 reported.

Jordan was a student at Mesquite High School. His teachers described his ambition and positive demeanor during the trial and told the jury about how much he meant to everyone.

The district released a statement saying, "Mesquite ISD (The Mesquite Independent School District) is focused on meeting the emotional needs of our students and staff members as they cope with the many feelings stirred by the case surrounding Jordan Edwards’ death. Our unwavering support and compassion extends to Jordan’s family during this difficult time, and Jordan’s memory will continue to hold special meaning for Mesquite High School and our entire community."