• Kim Woojin became a trending topic on Twitter after several women accused the singer of sexual assault
  • The former Stray Kids member has denied all allegations in an Instagram post
  • Kim was the lead vocalist of Stray Kids since its 2017 debut until he left last year due to personal reasons

Kim Woojin, the former lead vocalist of Stray Kids until he left the K-pop band for “personal” reasons last year, has responded to the allegations of sexual assault made by several women on social media.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Kim addressed allegations that he sexually assaulted women at bars on at least two separate occasions, along with other accusations of misconduct, via an Instagram post. The singer claimed he has never met his accusers and said has never been to the bar they mentioned.

"Today, I had an absurd experience," Kim wrote. "I'm letting fans know what's going on by posting this. Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter and then deleted their account... I've never even met that person, and I've never been to where they said I was."

"I know my fans must've been very shocked, but it's not true so don't worry too much. Also, I recently found an agency that my heart agrees with, so I'm working hard to prepare for solo promotions," he continued.

Kim added that his label plans to take legal action against those spreading false accusations and rumors about him.

His statement came after Kim became a trending topic on Twitter due to his alleged victims detailing their harrowing experiences on social media and more speculations regarding his past misconduct surfacing on the site.

One woman claimed in now-deleted posts obtained by Koreaboo that she was sexually assaulted by an idol at a bar, though did not specifically mention Kim's name. Hinting at the identity of her attacker, she wrote "W" and a "우," which creates Woo, and "big3," referring to JYP Entertainment, Kim's former label, the outlet noted.

The woman later revealed that she was not Korean and that she was only touched, not raped. The netizen also said that while they never mentioned a name, her attacker knows who they are.

A second accuser clearly named Kim in her Twitter posts when she detailed her experience. The woman said she had been drunk at a bar when Kim grabbed her while she was on her way to the toilet. Although she tried to resist him, Kim continued to touch her, the netizen claimed.

Another woman had a similar experience in an April 29 incident she detailed on Twitter, though the account has now been deleted, the outlet said.

Another accuser, who claims to be Kim’s ex, said she was also a victim. The unidentified woman said she got the courage to come forward with her story after seeing others talk about Kim’s misconduct.

One Twitter user claimed Kim left his previous agency, JYP Entertainment, because he got a fan pregnant. Another netizen said they heard a similar rumor but added that Kim drugged the fan before getting her pregnant.

"When you were on hiatus, I don’t know what drug you used, but you drugged a fansite master and got her pregnant, " the netizen wrote, Koreaboo reported. "Kim Woojin, doesn’t this hurt your conscience? I don’t know what you want to do, Woojin."

Kim had been staying away from the limelight since his departure from Stray Kids, and earlier this year the singer said he was gearing up for a fan meet.

"I’m preparing for my fan meeting by working in collaboration with some great people that I met through an acquaintance," he said, Soompi reported.

"Since I haven’t been able to sing for my fans a lot, I want them to be able to listen to my voice and my music a lot at my fan meeting," he continued. "I’ve also prepared a self-composed song that includes the things I want to say to my fans, and I’m thinking about letting fans hear it first at my fan meeting."

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Former Stray Kids lead vocalist Kim Woojin Instagram/woooojin0408