Kardashian Boycott
The Kardashians' days may be numbered. According to a new article in The New York Post, "Everything the reality family touches turns absolutely toxic - with party promoters, magazine editors and television execs all scrambling to blacklist them." http://mikebriggz.blogspot.com

At the root of the crusade to boycott Kim Kardashian is the No More Kardashian Petition. This petition has become an Internet sensation, garnering over 120,000 signatures after being posted just two weeks ago; and still gaining steam.

From that petition, a Web site has spawned. BoycottKim.com is dedicated to outlining all that is wrong with the Kardashian brand, and to encourage supporters of the movement to boycott both the Kardashian products and the stores that sell them.

We are tired that the media focuses so much attention on negative clowns like Kim Kardashian with little time devoted on our true heroes who have become ghosts with little to no recognition, reads an excerpt of the site's mantra.

And above all, we are fed up with companies that believe us to be ignorant and perhaps stupid enough to shop at their stores, buying their products promoted by talentless, tasteless and shameless parasite like Kim Kardashian.

The Web site opens up with a caricature of Kim and a scrolling ticker of all the stores/brands that sell the family's goods.

Within the site are various sections such as: Why Boycott?, Take Action, Kim's Sponsors, Wall of Shame, Spread the Word, and Speak Your Mind.

So why write the petition? Why create a Boycott Kardashian Web site?

IBTimes got an exclusive interview with Frank, one of the founders of the Boycott Web site.

[We want] to put a face to the one percent, said Frank.

It is not about targeting Kim Kardashian, because there will always be another bad example, but rather the brands [that pay her].

Frank emphasized how you will not see a donate button anywhere on their site. They are not looking to profit from this endeavor in any way. Their cause, in fact, is proclaimed a noble one.

Many of the people who have responded are either unemployed... or struggling to keep their jobs, Frank said. Then they see someone go and spend millions on a wedding?

We expect a cease and desist order, he said, but insists they will not fold under legal pressure.

Frank, along with two others, created the Boycott Kim Kardashian Web site just recently.

We built the site over the past two days, he said, presumably due to the influx of traffic to the No More Kardashian Petition. This site has not only attracted viewers, but also media attention from all of the largest broadcast networks -- The New York Post, FOX News, and the Huffington Post.

As an L.A. native, Frank admits to having seen one of the many Kardashian reality series on the E! Network a time or two.

It's like a car crash or someone beating a child in public, said Frank, You want to look away but you keep watching.

From this reality series, the Kardashians have developed business relations with various companies -- including Walmart, Sears, Target, and Bebe.

Kim could get a profit from this so she created story lines, he said, referring to the seemingly perfectly-coordinated reality series.

And, thus, the Kardashians popped up everywhere -- from product labels to red carpets to the covers of tabloid magazines.

The straw that broke the camel's back for Frank was when Kardashian filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage.

No real marriage lasts for 72 days, he said, adding that just prior to the break-up, Kim and Kris were photographed happy-as-ever at the grocery store. Then they split and the whole world raised its eyebrows.

Once the mainstream media like CNN and 'Ellen' started covering this, we realized maybe other people were thinking the same as us, he said.

Never before has an individual who made a sex tape, with no talents received so much attention, Frank added.

Frank believes this is the absolute wrong kind of message to send to young people today.

These are the brands [people's] daughters are asking for and these are the examples set [for them], he said.

He proposes that individuals who want to Boycott Kim Kardashian shop at retailers other than, say, Walmart or Sears. Not every store has Kardashian items on its shelves.

On the Boycott Web site, viewers are struck with the opening blurb, Sex tape? Publicity stunt wedding? So long as I get free attention I WILL DO ANYTHING! - Why not? Brands Pay Me Big to use my fame and sell junk to Stupid Americans.

Frank insists this modus operandi is wrong, especially with the current economic climate in this country. He cited the Occupy Wall Street movement and how the 99 percent deserves better.

Make your voice heard, Frank said. That [the Kardashian machine] is not America.