Before the plethora of summer blockbusters are released, there's one film that's the perfect popcorn fare precursor. Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to the 2010 hit, Clash of the Titans boasts a stellar cast and some good old action movie escapism. It stars such renowned actors as Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Sam Worthington, and newcomer Toby Kebbell. International Business Times had the chance to ask Neeson, Worhington, Keebbell and director Jonathan Liebesman about their favorite scene to work on. They revealed:

Worthington: Mine's the Minotaur fight scene. It's something that we talked about way back. We had a labyrinth, which I thought was a really cool concept. The fact that we had a set that actually moved was fantastic for us. I liked it because to me it was a brutal fight like UFC and I just thought: that's somewhat different. I was getting a bit over heroes who had big six packs and did stylized action scenes. For me that was the trump card of saying: I want to go back to movies I grew up watching. Where the hero got beat up. I like the idea of the old gunslinger who's a bit rusty and who cops a lot of hits. To me it was kind of the cherry on the cake of what to achieve in regards to the action.

Neeson: Yeah, great fighting. My favorite scenes were with Sam (Worthington), at the beginning when Zeus appears and asks for his help, and my scenes with Ralph (Fiennes). I have no scenes with Toby (Kebbell).

Kebbell: Apart from the scene where I carried you down the hill.

Neeson: Oh you did! That's true.

Kebbell: I only remember that.

Liebesman: That was my favorite scene!

Kebbell: Not to be weird and soppy but I actually enjoyed being there every day. I stayed on set even when I wasn't working just to spend more time with these excellent people. I enjoyed every scene.

The film opens on March 30th.