• "The Executioner and Her Way of Life" Episode 7 is airing Friday
  • The episode will be out on Hidive
  • The anime is based on Mato Sato and Nilitsu’s original work

Menou renews her vow to continue on the journey with Akari and find a way to kill her. The journey will take them to a new town in "The Executioner and Her Way of Life" Episode 7. The new episode is titled "Port City of Libelle."

The official website has shared the synopsis and spoiler stills of Episode 7. Akari and Menou are on a trip and in the middle of it, they arrive at the Port City of Libelle.

There, they see a foggy prison called the Pandemonium that contains dangerous creatures.

In the previous episode of the series, Menou battled against Orwell’s beast, and the archbishop revealed she was responsible for destroying Menou’s home village.

Later, in the episode, Menou was able to tap into the Pure Concept of Akariand she superaged Orwell to her death.

“When interdimensional travelers from an otherworldly land known as Japan appear, they often bring death and destruction. It’s up to Executioners like Menou to track and exterminate the Lost Ones before they wreak havoc,” read the official "The Executioner and Her Way of Life" series synopsis, as per Sentai.

“When Menou encounters a beguiling Lost One named Akari, it’s bloody business as usual… until Menou discovers Akari can cheat death, that is. Even so, Menou has a job to do, and she is committed to her executioner’s mission come hell or high water — provided her newly stirring feelings don’t get in the way,” it continued.

The cast of the anime includes Moe Kahara as Akari, Iori Saeki as Menou, M.A.O as Ashuna, Hisako Kanemoto as Momo, Yuma Uchida as Mitsuki, Yuko Kaida as Flare, Tamie Kubota as Orwell.

"The Executioner and Her Way of Life" anime is based on the original story by Mato Sato and the original character design by Nilitsu.

The opening theme song of the anime is titled "Paper Bouquet" and is performed by Mili. The ending theme is titled "Touka Serenade" by ChouChou.

The series is directed by Yoshiki Kawasaki and the series composition is by Shogo Yasukawa.

"The Executioner and Her Way of Life" Episode 7 is scheduled for release Friday. Fans can watch the episodes on Hidive.

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