“The Exorcist” Season 2 may see the return to Geena Davis as Angela Rance.

In Season 1, Davis played the role of the Rance family’s matriarch, who struggled with her possession, as well as her daughter’s. In Season 2, a new set of characters will be introduced, but TV Line reported that Davis may make a cameo in an upcoming episode of the Fox TV series.

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Other than the veteran actress’ possible return, the cast of “The Exorcist” Season 2 also shared some details about the show and how it will differ from Season 1. Series creator Jeremy Slater revealed that they wanted to introduce a new kind of family that will have an entirely different dynamic compared to the Rances.

In Season 2, the family that Slater is referring to will be a group of foster kids living in Seattle under the care of former child psychologist Andrew Kim (John Cho). Other than the change in characters, Slater also said that Season 2 will be very different from Season 1 in terms of location and setting.

Meanwhile, the other main focus of “The Exorcist” Season 2 would have to do with Father Bennett’s (Kurt Egyiawan) relationship with the Vatican. “We’re gonna play with the big Vatican conspiracy, big mythology, the office of the exorcist, which is an actual thing in the Vatican and how that deals. And the mystery of what is happening to other exorcisms around the world, we’ll see through the Father Bennett story,” he said.

In other news, the creators of “The Exorcist” also confirmed that even if the series would go on for five or six seasons, half of the characters will be removed from the storylines. However, Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera), Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Bennett will always be at the core of the series.

“The Exorcist” Season 2 also cast Li Jun Li as a social worker named Rose, who has a long history with Andrew. Zuleikha Robinson has also been tapped as a series regular for the upcoming episodes. She will play the role of Mouse. “Deadpool” actress Brianna Hilderbrand will give life to character of Verity, a foster child.

“The Exorcist” Season 2 will premiere on Fox on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. EST.