As we venture forward into the year 2019, we can expect Google to release the 10.0 version of the Android OS called Android Q. While we already know of Google’s naming conventions and yearly releases, we’ve yet to know its release date and the new features it’ll bring to Android smartphones. Here’s what we know so far about the Android 10.0 Q.

According to AndroidSoul, Google’s annual smartphone OS releases have a pattern to it that fans can follow to predict the release of the Android 10.0 Q. The latest OS, Android Pie, was launched last Aug. 6, which is among the earliest release dates so far. Potentially, the next release could happen around March this year.

Currently, many users are still waiting on the Android Oreo update for their phones. At best, the Android phones that are able update to the latest version could be the ones that started on Oreo upon release.

Meanwhile, Google has been known for naming their Android OS releases using dessert names, arranged in an alphabetical order. The names could range from simple ones like the current version Pie, and longwinded such as Ice Cream Sandwich, which stretches the possible names for the Android 10.0 Q version. It could be Quesadilla, Queso, Quail or even Quaker Oats, but there has been no confirmation as of now.

So far, rumors are also piling about the new features of the Android 10.0 Q. Here are some that we found:

  • Emoji 12.0 (Unicode 12.0)
  • Desktop experience for Android 10.0 Q tablets
  • Manual Google Drive backup storage
  • Multi-monitor support similar to Galaxy Note 9
  • App checker that notifies users when opening apps compatible is Android Lollipop or earlier
  • Multi-resume feature
  • Ringtone prevention for second call if currently holding a call
  • Multi-resume with many apps at the same time.
  • Dark mode for all AOSP apps
  • Vulkan API for UI rendering for lesser battery consumption

For now, Google has yet to tease anything about the Android 10.0 Q OS. We’ll have to wait for March to see if the rumors are right about the release or at least to get an announcement about when the new OS comes out.

What lies ahead for the Android OS? Pictured: Dave Burke, Google Vice President of Engineering for Android, speaks during the opening keynote address at the Google I/O 2017 Conference at Shoreline Amphitheater on May 17, 2017 in Mountain View, California. Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivered the opening keynote address to kick off the three-day Google I/O 2017 Conference. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan