More than six feet of snow fell in some areas of New York state this weekend after a lake-effect storm pounded the area.

The storm mainly affected the western part of the state including Buffalo, which set a record for daily snowfall with 16.1 inches, an 8.5-inch increase from the city's previous record.

"The most (snow) that was recorded by a trained spotter from the National Weather Service 77 inches, a grand total of six feet five inches, the same height as Josh Allen. And that is a very, very large amount of snow," Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz said.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said that she is filing for a Federal Emergency Disaster Declaration to "unlock critical funds to support our response efforts," in a tweet Saturday.

As of Saturday afternoon, there were 280 people who needed rescue and 88 automobile crashes, Hochul said.

Poloncarz tweeted on Friday that during the storm two people died "associated with cardiac events related to exertion during shoveling/snow blowing." He has reported the closure of several districts for Monday as travel bans expire Sunday night.

"We know that people have been stuck at home for days. So we want to try to get conditions improved, mains and secondaries residentials as quickly as possible so that we can lift the travel ban on the southern part of the city," Buffalo City Mayor Byron Brown said in a storm briefing Sunday morning.

Poloncarz praised the preparation of residents, city officials, and emergency workers during the storm and as the area recovers.

"This was a RECORD-BREAKING storm that in some ways was more intense than Snowvember, the relatively quick recovery is a testament to everyone's preparation and planning," Poloncarz tweeted. "The proactive approach continues to work."

The "Snowvember" Poloncarz is referring to is a 2014 winter storm that took over the Buffalo area. It left nearly seven feet of snow and killed 13 people.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service tweeted that the "heavy snow is (finally) done in the Buffalo metro area, but there will be areas of blowing snow today."

The NWS reported that major lake-effect snow will continue south up until Sunday night and lake-effect snow warnings are still in effect for Upstate and western New York as well as northwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio as of Sunday afternoon.