Now that a new photo app has appeared on the smartphone market, many users are wondering which is better, Instagram or EyeEm.

Instagram has been dominating the app scene, even challenging social media giants like Twitter and Facebook (which now owns it) thanks to its fun and easy-to-use filter tools, but after an ill-considered attempt to profit from its users, Instagram has lost more than half of them in the last month.

AppStats reported that in the middle of December Instagram was averaging nearly 16.3 million daily active users, but by the second week of January they had dwindled to about 7.6 million.

Avid amateur photographers are looking for an alternative, which is where EyeEm may come into play for millions of people who have fled Instagram.

“Open your eyes. EyeEm is a free photo sharing app to discover places & things you love, with every photo you take,” says.

The photo app is free and can be downloaded on iPhone, Android or WinPhone.

EyeEm comes with high-quality filters and frames that can be used while taking a smartphone photo, instead of after the picture has already been taken as with Instagram.

Like Instagram's, EyeEm hashtags can be shared effortlessly on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr, but hashtags aren’t necessary for tagging.

A major difference between Instagram and EyeEm: photo albums. The upstart says its aim is to help users “endlessly explore” with others based on common interests and types of pictures they take.

To an Instagram user EyeEm seems tricky at first, but its difficulty level is similar to Ig.

To change filters, users simply scroll left to right across their screen, and to change the frame type scroll from top to bottom.

Though the filters generally seem to be similar to Instagram's, with different names like “Gee09” and “Dani,” there are more frames to choose from.

“Grunge” and “Oxyd” are examples of frames that alter the photo to make them appear older or “vintage.”

Those who have left Instagram may have just found a new home with EyeEm.