Samsung smartphone users recently found that they can’t uninstall the Facebook app from their phones. Some users are in an uproar as the social media network had a data breach that compromised many personal photos and important identity data. Here’s what we know about this situation so far.

According to CNET, the Facebook app in a Samsung device may not be easily uninstalled. In the application manager, users would see a disable button instead of the usual uninstall button. Technically, the Facebook app would still stay in the device which many users don’t want nowadays. Many have speculated that the Facebook app is already built-in, which explains why it can never be uninstalled manually. If you’re on a Samsung device, you can check if you can uninstall Facebook in the application manager in your settings.

Over the years, Samsung has created devices and apps with built-in tie-ins to Facebook. It would gather the info you put in Facebook to optimize its service and functions to your preferences, which is outright convenient. The information taken from users would range from photos, birthdays, preferred videos and even political views. Since the app is built-in and is counted as part of the device’s basic program, it cannot be easily uninstalled even if you don’t find yourself using the apps a lot.

Taking the information would have been harmless, but many users were worried when it was discovered that Facebook was actually taking more info than the users are aware they’ve given. Additionally, security breaches have previously happened in Facebook wherein personal information of around 50 million users were potentially endangered. The hackers were able to steal around 14 million users-worth of personal info like workplaces, birthdays and hometowns.

Due to these events, many users would opt out of Facebook to protect personal data, but they are frustrated that they cannot do so, especially if they have a Samsung device.

As of now, Samsung and Facebook have yet to release a statement addressing these problems. Potentially, they might be working on a solution soon, which could be released in later updates of the Android firmware.

Some Facebook apps can't be uninstalled from these phones. Pictured: A Samsung Galaxy phone sits on display at a store in Manhattan on January 08, 2019 in New York City. As demand falls for its memory chips and smartphones, Samsung Electronics cut its guidance for fourth-quarter profits on Tuesday and said that it expects to see an operating profit of $9.7 billion, which is down nearly 29 percent from last year. The world’s biggest smartphone maker is experiencing some of the same issues as Apple as China experiences an economic slowdown that is partly impacted by the Trump-led trade war. Getty Images/Spencer Platt