Facebook has enabled facial recognition technology, without your permission.

While this feature makes tagging easier than Facebook had intended, it has caused a storm of controversy and warning among security experts and Facebook users.

And we want to help you make your choice.

The facial recognition technology can identify people in the photos uploaded on Facebook, and suggest who they might be. By confirming Facebook's guess, you can let the technology tag a large amount of photos without manually inputting all the information of your friends. Every time you are tagged in photos, Facebook will notify you, giving you a choice to remove the tag if you wish.

By default, though, you are already being tagged automatically. Facebook allows users to opt-out instead of opting in on the feature.

More than 100 million photos are uploaded each day on Facebook. The database that detects and tags these photos is kept on Facebook's servers.

Here is how you can opt out from the tagging feature, if you consider it creepy or dangerous:

1. Click on Account in the upper right corner of your home page. Select Privacy Settings

2. Select Customize settings

3. Scroll down to the heading Things others share

Find Suggest photos of me to friends, and click on the Edit Settings.

4. Select Disabled in the pop-up window.