Facebook released invites Friday morning to a select number of media outlets and journalists to attend a surprise media event later this afternoon at the company's New York headquarters.

Facebook's chief marketing officer Sheryl Sandberg will be hosting the event, and she will be joined by Facebook's VP of engineering Mike Schropfer, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Considering the presence of Sen. Schumer and Mayor Bloomberg, the announcement will likely involve Facebook's connection to New York City. In all likelihood, Facebook may announce expanding its New York office, and the politicians may be present to discuss the economic impact the move could have on jobs in New York.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently said that if he could've started the company all over again, he would've kept Facebook's headquarters in Boston instead of moving out to Silicon Valley. Zuckerberg originally founded his social network in 2004 with Harvard University classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin in nearby Cambridge, Mass.

If Zuckerberg truly misses Boston, expanding his company in New York would be no big surprise. After all, Zuckerberg lived in the East his entire life. Born in White Plains, N.Y., Zuckerberg lived in nearby Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., before attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. Zuckerberg's girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, is also a native of the Boston suburbs.

New York City is a pretty good option for a company like Facebook to expand in. New York start-ups account for 33 percent of all investments on the east coast. The majority dabble in digital media and e-commerce, like Facebook. New York is also one of the best cities for entertainment and advertising, so Facebook could have taken advantage of being so close to these partner industries.

Currently, Zuckerberg shuttles between Facebook's Palo Alto, Calif., location and its enormous new campus in nearby Menlo Park, the former home of Sun Microsystems.

We'll update you on the Facebook event as news comes in.