Facebook has announced the launch of a revamped app for Android devices on the official Facebook blog. The new app looks similar to the iPhone version of Facebook app but has more functions added to it.

Today we're launching an updated Facebook app for Android. It's now quicker and easier to view photos, get messages and navigate around the app, Facebook said on its blog.

Though similar in look as the iPhone version of Facebook app, the world's No.1 social network has added several functions to the Android app that allow users to access easily and navigate about quicker.

The biggest improvement was in photos. Photos and albums now work two times faster than before and it is easier to share photos, add comments and tag them too.

Messages and notifications have moved to the top of the screen, which let users stay updated without leaving the page they are on.

Putting menu on the left side also have made accessibility to most features like News Feed and Group and games and apps quicker.

Facebook users (and Android fans) have welcomed the remodeled app and many said they can't wait to install the app on their Android devices. The Facebook for Android app is available in Android Market.