• Facebook is launching a new feature that will help users tidy up their accounts
  • This feature is meant to help users have an account that better represents them today
  • The feature is now available on Facebook's mobile app and Facebook Lite

Facebook users know just how difficult it is to delete embarrassing posts, especially those that were made long ago. These posts are best deleted or kept private so that people won't be able to see them and get the wrong picture about a particular person.

These applies to a lot of situations, such as: employers viewing an applicant's Facebook account and seeing things that might affect the job application; a significant other looking at the person's Facebook account and seeing photos of a past relationship; so on and so forth.

These old posts do not necessarily reflect who the Facebook user is today, and seeing them might give others the wrong idea about the person. For this, the social media app is adding a new feature called Manage Activity.

Facebook Manage Activity A screenshot of Facebook's new Manage Activity feature (as seen in the announcement page). Photo: Facebook

What's this feature about?

In a blog, Facebook said Manage Activity helps users curate their presence on Facebook to accurately reflect who they are right now. It allows users to manage old posts easily, by helping users locate posts based on certain criteria. And when the posts are found, users can either archive them for personal safekeeping, or permanently delete them.

Here's what users should know about the feature:

Users will be able to access the feature by heading to their personal profile, then going to Activity Log. From there, users will be able to spot the Manage Activity tab at the top of the screen.

Tapping on Manage Activity allows users to search their posts individually or by using filters. These filters include Category, Date and People. The filters can be narrowed down further to only show Photos and Videos, posts made on certain dates, posts with certain people, and so on.

Once the posts have been filtered out, users will be able to view them and select them for archiving or deleting. Posts sent to the archive can still be accessible to the Facebook user, but won't be shown on his/her timeline anymore.

Posts sent to the Trash, on the other hand, will be automatically deleted permanently after 30 days unless restored or sent to the archive.

Facebook said the feature is now available on the mobile app, as well as Facebook Lite. The feature will also be available for desktop in the future. This is but one of the several new features Facebook has.