ISLAMABAD - U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees says Pakistan needs massive international help for hundreds of thousands of people displaced by fighting in the Swat valley to avert a tragedy.

Following are some facts about the displaced.

- The U.N. refugee agency said it had registered more than 907,000 people displaced by the fighting in the Swat area since May 2 but an unknown number of people are believed not to have bothered registering with authorities.

- They are joining about 565,000 displaced by earlier fighting in the northwest.

- The United Nations says about 48 percent of the displaced are children and the country faces a long-term humanitarian crisis.

- The U.N. refugee agency said of the total number of people it had registered, only about 18 percent were staying in 12 camps set up by the authorities. The rest were staying with friends, relatives, in rented accommodation or in spontaneous settlements that were springing up.

- The U.N. refugee agency has opened stockpiles of supplies to help the displaced and has also airlifted in 120 tons of supplies including plastic sheets for shelters and mosquito nets.

- The U.N. World Food Program has mobilized its in-country stocks and is feeing 780,000 people.

- The World Health Organization (WHO) has delivered 20 mini-emergency health kits, enough for 120,000 people for one month.

- A WHO spokesman in Geneva said Friday the health situation was not extremely serious but diseases were starting to take hold.

- Cases included 9,020 people with acute respiratory infections, 5,571 with acute diarrhea, 1,749 cases of lower respiratory infection and 903 cases of bloody diarrhea.

- The army, which played a major role in helping survivors of a big earthquake in 2005, is donating part of its rations to the relief effort, enough to feed about 80,000 adults a day.

- The United States has donated $4.9 million for basic supplies such as tents, blankets and cooking kits, while Britain had donated 10 million pounds ($15.19 million).

- France has promised 12 million euro ($8.8 million), Pakistan's state news agency reported.

- Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani told the National Assembly the government would soon organize a conference of aid donors to gather funds.

(Additional reporting by Jonathan Lynn in GENEVA; Writing by Robert Birsel; Editing by Paul Tait)