iPhone 5 Will Have New Curved Case With Larger Screen Display (IMAGES)
New reports suggest that the new Apple iPhone 5's September release will be closely followed by its new iPad 3. techclarify.com

While U.S. customers are still waiting for the upcoming iPhone 5 this fall, various types of fake iPhone 5 devices have been on sale in Chinese online store and offline markets.

The fake iPhone 5 is sold at $108 and features a similar design following the rumor of iPhone 5 specs. It is encased in a plastic body, two LED flash cameras and a label saying it has 64GB of storage. Also the fake device runs a JAVA-based OS, plays MP3’s and connects via WiFi.

These clone or mock-up devices have been selling via China’s online store Taobao which is mostly branded as "Hiphone5." In some cities, various fake iPhone 5 devices are also available in cell phone markets in China. Sellers claimed that there are different levels of manufacturers who make fake iPhones. A good quality replica can be purchased for $90.

The rumors surrounding iPhone 5’s upgraded hardware include flash camera, a radical aluminum design, an edge-to-edge 3.7-inch to 4-inch retina display, a faster 1.5 GHz dual core A5 processor chip, and a SIM-less design.

Although the clone can never accurately match the claimed specs of Apple’s iPhone 5, it definitely can satisfy the immediate needs of people who want to test the next-gen iPhone on hand since it may be the closest thing to the real one.

The fake iPhone 5 along with fake Apple stores are becoming very common in China.