Bethesda is slowly giving new insights and details on its upcoming game “Fallout 4,” and this time, fans are given a sneak peek of the XP system, combat and arsenal. It appears that the developer has gone for depth in terms of updating and upgrading the XP system.

The XP leveling system is a little more sophisticated now. While leveling up is still tied to the XP wherein a level will earn a point that will be marked towards a perk, the perks will now have their own tiers, Gamespresso reported. This means that there will be different XP levels per perk. However, it is still possible to reach the cap per tier to obtain a really powerful character that has all 275 XP levels maxed out.

More than leveling up a character, this also contributes to the replayability of “Fallout 4” in order to achieve more level ups. Apart from the XP system, another inviting aspect of “Fallout 4” is the array of arsenal and combat in the game.

Similar to the XP system, Bethesda has taken some steps to refresh the combat and weapons enough to surprise long-time “Fallout” fans, but not enough to alienate first-time players. This includes upgrades in both mechanics and the actual arsenal, according to Gamepur.

It appears that movement can either be enhanced or restricted based on the statistics, level and gear that a character has. This will make strategies and tactics stand out in the way that players will go through “Fallout 4.” Even the ways by which a player will deal with a situation -- what kind of weapon to use, whether or not to resort to violence or not -- are varied and viable.

As far as weapons are concerned, there are a few returning from the previous game. These include Fat Man, Baseball Bat and Plasma weapons. There are also a few new interesting ones. There is the trash-firing Junk Jet as well as the Pipe Pistol which can be upgraded to a rifle.

"Fallout 4" is set to release on Nov. 10. It will launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

"Fallout 4" gameplay at PAX Prime (Credit: YouTube/Cloudy Nomad)