• The Wastelanders update of "Fallout 76" gets its launch trailer
  • The expansion update is set to be released on April 14
  • Along with Wastelanders, the Steam version of "Fallout 76" will also be launched

In time for the upcoming release of the Wastelanders update of “Fallout 76” next week, Bethesda unveiled its launch trailer and offered some insights about the next big expansion.

The trailer highlights the return of humans to West Virginia, with the opening scene showing an altercation in a new bar called The Wayward. Apparently, the reason why people are flocking the area was because of a broadcast that claimed there is “treasure” hidden in Appalachia.

From there on, various fight scenes were shown, highlighting the appearance of different factions such as simple settlers, bandits and cultists. It is also clear from the trailer that players will have to deal with the Scorched plague that continues to ravage the world they are living in.

Meanwhile, in the announcement on their website, Bethesda gave detailed information about the expansion, which includes the two main locations called The Foundation (for settlers) and The Crater (for the raiders.)

The return of NPCs has also been emphasized, especially with the addition of “Allies” – described as a “special type of human NPC that will bring more life to your C.A.M.P.”

“Wastelanders” brings a new beginning to Appalachia for first-time and veteran players alike with a new main quest, human NPCs, new choices, companions, a reputation system, and much more. Players will forge alliances with new factions in an effort to uncover the secrets of West Virginia, either in groups with friends or solo as a lone wanderer,” the description for Wastelanders read.

Wastelanders have been highly anticipated for some time now, especially since it was initially scheduled to be rolled out late last year. However, the free update was delayed for the second time, as it was supposed to launch before March 2020 ended.

Bethesda then decided to schedule it for April 14, along with the arrival of the Steam version of “Fallout 76.”

There is an obvious excitement about the release of the Wastelanders, as it is a free update that brings a ton of new features and content for gamers. It is also worth noting that despite the game’s awful 2018 release due to bugs and glitches, it was still able to establish a huge community and following.

“Fallout 76” is available on PC (via Bethesda launcher), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Steam version of the game will be available for free to those who own it on PC.

Fallout 76
"Fallout 76" had a very rough launch with fans of the series criticizing how lackluster the game felt. However, Bethesda is on its path to redemption in the form of the new Wastelanders update, which includes the battle royale game mode, Nuclear Winter. AFP/Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown