According to a Jackson family lawyer, his mother Katherine Jackson would take custody of Jackson's three children.

I do not know of any kind of will or estate planning that Michael would have made. But I know that he believed that if anything ever happened to him that his mother was a wonderful caretaker, Fox News quoted Brian Oxman saying.

Debra Opri, a former Jackson family spokeswoman agreed and called Katherine Jackson a fantastic mother to a very large group.

She hoped that Jackson's children would be under Katherine's care, and that they would be OK. For a long time now things have been in place as to who would be raising the kids, she said.

Whoever does have custody of the children ultimately will have access to whatever remains of his estate, said Wendy Murphy, a prosecutor and child advocate.

Katherine, I think, if there is no will, will probably prevail because she's probably the relative that the courts will see as most appropriate, Murphy added.

The lawyer, however, added that Katherine's claims could be put on hold if rumors of her poor health proved true, and the courts determined that she was not fit to care for her grandchildren.

According to reports, it is unknown whether Michael Jackson wrote a will to his parents, his ex-wife or his eight siblings and who would have custody of his children or his estate after his death.