Tesla is currently struggling to reach their earning goals for this quarter. The company’s projected sales isn’t doing so well with their recent vehicle releases. Fortunately, fans of Elon Musk's company have its back and are doing some volunteer work to help them out.

Some Tesla fans have reportedly brought some doughnuts to Tesla dealerships. The Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group has done this for three days so far. 

Meanwhile, some Tesla owners in Beijing have also volunteered to sell new units to prospective buyers, according to Teslarati. These owners understand that the company isn’t doing so hot right now and needs some help to reach their quarterly earnings goal.

News of fans volunteering their services comes amid reports of Tesla's stock prices going down. Bankruptcy has been predicted to be in the company's future if it doesn’t recover soon. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been optimistic about the company’s plans and moves despite its money problems.

Tesla is experiencing a delivery problem as the company struggles to send out pre-ordered Model 3s to their owners. While this was initially meant to be an opportunity for Tesla to earn more, the company couldn’t keep up with all the demand and is still working on catching up.

So far, the Model 3 production line can’t save the company and solve this problem. Tesla is currently preparing the development of the first batch of Model Y crossover SUVs. Rather than aiming for consumers who buy luxury vehicles, the Model Y is marketed as an affordable vehicle which could encourage more buyers to pick one up. The new Model Y is also loaded with more features that would be great for prospective buyers.

For now, we’ve yet to know if the volunteer work can truly help Tesla in the long run. However, the company’s fans have definitely proven that Tesla has supporters willing to assist it in times of need.