Faraday Future revealed its concept car at CES 2016 but at CES 2017 its expected to release its first production vehicle. David Gilbert

To the sounds of oohs and ahhs, Faraday Future rolled out its FFZERO1 concept car for the first time at CES 2016. The concept car, while met with an astounding amount of hype, was not what it was cracked up to be. It didn’t drive and would not be sold to the public. At CES 2017 Faraday Future is set to formally unveil its first production vehicle in-person in the face of several recent and notable setbacks.

On Dec. 29, 2016 (a week before CES) the man seen as “in charge,” but without the official CEO, title decided to leave Faraday Future. According to The Verge Ding Lei left just as the company is set to showcase the car in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. Days prior to Lei’s departure, BuzzFeed reported Faraday Future was in utter chaos amid funding struggles, lawsuits and more.

“Month to month, the money was never there. Funds were lower than what Faraday needed to cover operational costs and commitments to suppliers,” an anonymous former Faraday employee told BuzzFeed. The publication said it was able to verify Faraday Future’s financial struggles.

“By July, Faraday had added $300 million in debt to its balance sheet as a result of missed payments to suppliers and vendors,” BuzzFeed reported. “...at the same time, it was already more than 30 days overdue on more than $100 million worth of payments to vendors and suppliers, according to a former employee familiar with Faraday’s finances.”

Tuesday night at 9 EST Faraday Future, despite its struggles, is set to put on its best face to reveal its first production vehicle. Even though you might not be in Vegas you can still catch Faraday Future’s CES press conference via a livestream.

To watch the Faraday Future CES livestream, click here, watch on Facebook Live or visit it’s YouTube page.

Although there is much anticipation about Faraday Future’s first production vehicle at CES 2017, little is known about its features, specs, price or release date.

Last year Nick Sampson, a former Tesla and current Faraday engineer said, “we need to define the future from the future’s perspective … embarking on nothing less than a complete rethink of what mobility means and how it must be part of our larger world.”

We’ll see today at CES 2017 if Faraday Future can get past the turmoil and reveal a production vehicle that lives up to the hype.

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