Reality-television star-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham was featured in an accidental peep show Friday while she was in Las Vegas. The 22-year-old suffered a nip slip when her blue bikini didn’t exactly stay in place.

According to the celebrity-news outlet Us Weekly, the “Backdoor Teen Mom” adult-film actress went from a C-cup to a D-cup when she had another breast augmentation just two weeks ago, and she was a little overzealous in showing off her new assets. The former “Teen Mom” star unknowingly gave photographers a little bit more of herself when the top of her areola showed atop her sequined bathing-suit.

However, the mother of 4-year-old Sophia either didn’t mind or simply didn’t know that the wardrobe malfunction ever occurred.

[Click here to see the Us Weekly pictures of Abraham’s nip slip.]

Abraham later appeared oblivious to the wardrobe malfunction while posting on Twitter:

Abraham made headlines recently when she attempted to pass off a porn film she made with A-list XXX-actor James Deen as a leaked sex tape. She has since publicly dissed her co-star and said that getting plastic surgery has made her feel better about herself. According to Us Weekly, she’s had four procedures in the past three years to enhance her looks.

“After having a baby, my boobs went away. It hurt my self-esteem,” she told the celebrity-news outlet after her first boob job in 2011. “I didn’t feel like I was woman enough anymore. I knew I could be happier.”

Abraham shot to fame first on the hit MTV program “16 and Pregnant” and then on its follow-up show “Teen Mom.” The series went on to have several more seasons with four of its teenage mothers, but has since been cancelled.