Jay Mohr apologized to Alyssa Milano. Reuters

Alyssa Milano in many ways has led a charmed life as a longtime successful actress and a wife and mother. The star took the high road on Christmas Day after her postbaby weight came under the comedic fire of Jay Mohr. The comedian took shallow jabs at the actress during a radio interview after the pair had attended an awards show together.

In response to the comments about her weight, Milano took to Twitter to show her maturity and class by tweeting at Mohr: “So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

But last night Mohr came forward with an apology to Milano via Twitter, stating: “I mistakenly thought the absurdity of what I was saying would have been taken as a joke.” But when it comes to weight, with all the eating disorders and problems women have with their own body images, was it a wise move to "joke" about her weight?

Milano is not alone in her battle against the press and people who criticize women about their bodies. Other celebrities, notably Kim Kardashian, have been the target of public scrutiny during pregnancy and after. Reality-TV star Kardashian told US Weekly in March how she responded to the fat taunts: “I’m like dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”

And mean is right. On Dec. 31 Brenden McVey tweeted: “In real life, Kim Kardashian is a short, fat and has hairy feet hobbit.” This is just one tweet in a sea of social media slander. With comments on everything from their bodies, to their clothes and hairstyles and even who they are dating, no celebrity is safe from the harsh words of the public and the media.

Even alligator skin couldn’t protect you from some of the things that are said on social media and in the press. But for celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Kim Kardashian, it can be even worse, as their fame and fortune comes with downsides.

Your whole life, including your weight, is put under a microscope. People don’t care if you had 10 children, you are always going to be watched and judged if you are a public figure. Let’s hope these ladies and mothers can continue to take the high road, like Alyssa Milano did.