“Fear the Walking Dead” returns to AMC this Sunday! The companion series to “The Walking Dead” went on hiatus in late May after episode 7. Fans will finally get to reunite with the survivors in episode 8, titled “Grotesque.”

When “Fear the Walking Dead” last left off, the group became separated. Travis (Cliff Curtis) ran off after Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and decided not to return to Madison (Kim Dickens) when he realized that his son was struggling in this new world. The two went on their own, with only Nick (Frank Dillane) knowing the truth. Madison wanted to wait for her boyfriend at the compound, but her decision backfired when she killed Celia (Marlene Forte) by locking her in the cell with the dead. Daniel (Rubén Blades), hallucinating his dead wife and others that he killed in the past, burned down the building, forcing everyone to flee. Strand (Colman Domingo) picked up Madison, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), but Nick refused to join them. Episode 7 concluded with Madison being forced to leave her son behind as he walked among the dead.

The synopsis for episode 8 reveals that more of Nick’s “dark” past will be revealed. Since the group is divided, it sounds like the episode will follow him on his journey post the compound. While he has seemingly flourished in the world of the dead, the description for the upcoming installment teases that he may encounter some problems in the “deadly dog-eat-dog landscape.” Could those problems involve other survivors? Photos for episode show a couple of new faces. Check out the images below:

Fear the walking dead 2 Nick (Frank Dillane) in a scene from episode 8 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC Fear the walking dead Walkers in a scene from in episode 8 of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2. Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, episode 8 will air on AMC on Sunday, August 21 at 9 p.m. EDT.