• Louis Camilleri, claimed key team personnel running the sport would present a conflict of interest
  • Chase Carey is stepping down as Formula One Chief Executive after 2020
  • Lewis Hamilton is rumored to be considering a move to Ferrari in 2021

Ferrari team chief executive, Louis Camilleri, claimed key team personnel running the sport would present a conflict of interest.

The current Formula One boss, Chase Carey, is rumored to be stepping down from his position following the 2020 season.

The previous rumors were that Mercedes's boss, Toto Wolff, would succeed him as the new CEO of Formula One Group.

It incited opposition from the Ferrari camp, headed by Camilleri on this matter. He stated anyone who had been a significant player in a particular team in the previous years would create conflicts of interest if they were to take on big responsibilities at Formula One.

He also said he thinks it would not be a good thing concerning the person that ultimately runs Formula One.

Chase Carey succeeded Bernie Ecclestone as the chief executive when Liberty media gained ownership of the championship's commercial rights.

During his reign, Formula One has added new venues, including the Vietnam Grand Prix, while bringing back the Dutch Grand Prix for 2020.

Attracting sponsors, though, is becoming harder, and it was recently announced the Formula One TV audience is Britain has reduced significantly.

For a person that does not have any Formula One background, Camilleri thinks Carey has done well thus far. Though in the event it was Ferrari Principal Mattia Binotto that succeeded him, there would be a lot of conflict stemming from other team's complaints.

Camilleri said of Carey that he was oddly suited for the role because he came from a world of entertainment and had no background in motorsports.

He did believe in the need for a Chief Executive because it is a public company that has experience in the entertainment business.

He added that Ferrari has the right to veto such decisions, especially in the event Wolff, or another individual from the teams is fingered to succeed Chase. However, it is meant to be a last resort as a means of protest to the decision.

As it is, the rumors claim that Lewis Hamilton is flirting with the Ferrari camp concerning the 2021 season and Wolff may follow him to Maranello.

Criticism from different circles has been voiced concerning the potential move as some say it is posturing.

While the move to Ferrari by Hamilton may make sense from a marketing perspective, because the Mercedes driver may want to try new horizons before retiring, it would, in reality, be a risk for Scuderia.

Ferrari has been successfully grooming Charles LeClerc for the past year to be their star driver for the next few seasons. Introducing another star to the mix may not be the wisest decision.

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