• Charles LeClerc warned by the FIA after breaking Fomula 1 code of conduct for covid-19
  • Valtteri Bottas was also investigated for traveling home after his win 
  • The FIA said other breaches would be forwarded to the stewards

Ferrari Formula 1 driver, Charles LeClerc, was issued an official warning after he broke one of the Formula 1 protocols for COVID-19.

Formula 1 staff has to be within their bubbles between races, especially as one of the main precautions against the virus. However, LeClerc was pictured alongside a waiter in Monte Carlo with a week.

According to Yahoo Sports, a spokesperson from the FIA said Ferrari has been issued a reminder and warned that further breaches of the code of conduct might be forwarded to the stewards.

LeClerc himself breached article 3.14 of the Covid-19 code of conduct, stating that any time outside the venue during a covered event or between these events has to be with other people of the same group. It was meant to keep interaction with people outside of the group to the minimum.

Others were also suspected of violating the movements’ protocol. Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, is also being investigated by the FIA concerning his actions after it was found it was revealed that he flew back to Monaco after his win.

According to BBC Sport, the Ferrari driver stated that he did go back home. LeClerc did confirm he was tested twice before coming back, and both results were negative.

Bottas claimed that he looked into whether it was allowed to go back and confirmed it was. He decided to go back home as in they were in Europe and traveling a short distance, so there was less risk involved.

He wanted to spend the days at home so that he could recharge for the weekend. The FIA did determine that the Finn stayed with his permitted group despite the travel involved. That entailed his trainer, Antti Vierula, and girlfriend, Tiffany Cromwell.

Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, stayed in his motorhome according to the pandemic protocols. The multiple Formula 1 world champion finished in fourth place at the Styrian Grand Prix.

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Charles LeClerc Pixabay