Both Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc suffered a bout of intense misfortune when they collided at Interlagos, ending Ferrari’s hopes at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Their relationship has been tense on the track since they became teammates at the start of the season. Each of them has slighted the other subtle ways, but it has not directly affected the team in terms of points.

It is no surprise then after their cardinal sin in Brazil; they have both been summoned by team boss, Mattia Binotto in Maranello for talks.

At the beginning of 2019, Binotto claimed managing Vettel, and at the time rising star, LeClerc was a luxury, and in Brazil, he still believes this is the case.

He claimed they both represent a boost or a benchmark for each other. The team had seen them improve significantly during the season, especially after the summer.

He did say that he thought what happened was lucky it happened at this time in the season when the stakes for Ferrari were not very high after Hamilton’s championship was set in stone. 

It is opposed to during the next season when such a mistake could cost Ferrari a lot of points and make for a horrible start.

The double DNF in Brazil for Ferrari does not make a difference when it comes to the championship prospects considering it had already secured second place in the constructor’s contest after being beaten by Mercedes.

LeClerc’s and Vettel’s crash was toward the end of the race when both were fighting for fourth place. Five laps were remaining, and LeClerc pulled a risky move on the inside of Vettel at Turn 1 though Vettel tucked back into the slipstream and then pulled alongside leading to contact between the pair for the first time in the season.

Binotto claimed he had not reviewed the incident footage as yet but wanted to do it later when he met with both of the drivers.

Following the collision and retirement, when he was asked if he felt the car was turned too much toward his teammate, Vettel replied that he was going straight.

LeClerc also insisted he left room for his teammate, but Vettel forced him to the inside, and they touched.

Lewis Hamilton took the opposite approach after his collision with Alex Albon admitting fault, and that led to the stripping of points that took him from third to seventh place in the overall results.