• Ferrari to use veto to block Toto Wolff from becoming CEO of Formula One
  • Louis Camilleri says it would be a conflict of interest to become CEO of formula One after being chief executive of a formula one team
  • Lewis Hamilton may be looking to a move to Ferrari

Ferrari is looking to use their veto to kill all hopes of Toto Wolff becoming the next chief executive of Formula One.

The ambitious Wolff had long since had the desire to replace Chase Carey, who is likely to retire from his post in the next 18 months.

Ferrari chief saw the Mercedes boss angling and has threatened to use the team veto to make sure it does not happen.

Wolff has been linked to the top position in formula 1, and his future is a factor in what Lewis Hamilton decides to do from 2021.

Louis Camilleri, CEO at Ferrari, claimed though it would be a conflict of interest. He said that anyone who had been an active and important player of a particular team within the previous years should not be fit to take such a responsibility at Formula 1.

He reiterated that if Mattia Binotto, Scuderia's boss, was the candidate forwarded to replace Chase, then the rest of the teams would also not be too happy.

The veto is a last resort tool. Camilleri emphasized that should they be confronted with Wolff as the main candidate, then they would be happy to explain their position clearly to the people over at Liberty, and they would have quite a constructive conversation.

His comments were made at a press lunch in Maranello and could have played a large part in Hamilton’s next career move. His current contract with Mercedes is stipulated to end after the 2020 season.

Ferrari also made the announcement they are launching their challenger for 2020 on February 11, and they confirmed they have had talks with Lewis Hamilton concerning a potential move in 2021.

The Brit met company chairman John Elkann, of the Agnelli family at a social event, though the implication has been taken out of context by several media outlets.

Camilleri also categorically added that he would be the one to choose the driver line up for the coming seasons, not Binotto.

He was quick to bring state the facts of the current driver lineup, which has Charles LeClerc in a long term contractual agreement with Scuderia while Sebastian Vettel’s contract expires at the end of 2020.

He emphasized that Ferrari is flattered that the world champion would want to join, but as it is, it would be a bit premature to do anything about it now considering the circumstances.

Other high profile moves include Esteban Ocon, who will replace Nico Hulkenberg at Renault and Nicholas Latifi, who will replace Kubica at Williams.

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