The mother of Fetty Wap’s late daughter disputed a recent report about the girl's death. On Wednesday, Turquoise Miami took to her Instagram Stories to call out a news outlet for publishing a report about Lauren Maxwell’s alleged cause of death, saying her autopsy isn’t even back yet.

Miami confirmed on her social media account last weekend that her four-year-old daughter with Fetty Wap had died. However, she did not elaborate on the cause of her death or disclose any possible pre-existing health conditions that might have caused her death.

On Thursday, TMZ released a report claiming that Maxwell had died from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia on June 24 at their home in Riverdale, Georgia.

“The rapper and his ex Lisa Pembroke’s 4-year-old, Lauren, died from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia due to complications of congenital cardiac anomalies,” reported the outlet. “This according to the death certificate. Essentially, that means she’d had this heart problem since birth, and the resulting irregular heartbeat killed her.”

Miami slammed the report hours later, saying cardiac arrhythmia was not the full cause of her death.

“This is what y’all people do for fun,” she wrote in her Instagram story. “F**k all y’all. Her death certificate says cardiac arrhythmia due to a congenital heart defect BUT THAT IS NOT THE FULL CAUSE OF HER DEATH THAT IS WHY THE AUTOPSY HASN'T COME BACK! HOW DARE Y’ALL GO STEAL MY CHILD'S DEATH CERTIFICATE AND ANNOUNCE THE CAUSE OF DEATH BEFORE ANYBODY WAS READY. THERE IS A REASON WHY! HER AUTOPSY ISN’T BACK YET.”

In the second story, she said, “This is my life and it’s me without my daughter none of y’all,” adding that she feels the loneliness every night since her daughter’s death.

“This is my trauma that is why I posted and moved HOW I FELT COMFORTABLE!” she wrote.

Fetty Wap is yet to comment on her ex’s social media meltdown. The rapper paid tribute to her late daughter in an Instagram Live on Aug. 2, during which he held a picture of Maxwell and asked his viewers to comment with “all butterflies” in her honor.

Fetty Wap appears at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Sept. 19, 2015. Getty Images