Minecraft Mojang

Indie darling, Minecraft, is only a few days away from its post-beta release, but some new features for the game are already being released.

Developer, Mojang, published the sixth beta 1.9 prerelease via twitter. The patch includes the game's boss fight: a huge dragon. The game is due to be released sometime during Minecon, the game's fan convention, held in Las Vegas Nov. 18 and 19.

Minecraft is an open sandbox game where players harvest blocks to reconfigure them in any way they see fit. But at night, horrible monsters come out of the woodwork to tear up the player's creation. People have build massive temples, huge rollercoasters and tons of other insane projects. Check out the Minecraft gallery to get an idea of what people have made.

In other Minecraft news, the game has gone gold. That means the game has been finished by the programmers and is now ready to be released to the public. It will only be a few days until the final game is released.That means you still have time to buy the game for 25 percent off its future, post-beta price. Though, Mojang is officially publishing the game it doesn't mean it will stop adding to the game's functions.

If you weren't able to get a ticket to the MineCon, or you're just curious, check here for live streaming of the event. You can also check out MineCon launch trailer for the game here: