The recent Sony State of Play livestream has released a new gameplay video for the long-awaited "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." The trailer featured gameplay with the classic game’s early party members. Similar to "Final Fantasy XV" and "Crisis Core," this game also favors an active gameplay rather than turn its roots.

As seen on the trailer, one of the cast’s female party members Aerith Gainsborough converses with the main hero, Cloud Strife. Keeping up with the source material, Aerith is still fond of flowers and is friendly around Cloud. A few seconds later, the trailer immediately transitions into some of the fighting gameplay of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.”

Its gameplay is somehow a mix of Square Enix’s recent "Final Fantasy 15" entry and the "Final Fantasy 7" spinoff, "Crisis Core." The playable characters are grounded instead of flying but are limited to a maximum of three other active party members in battles. This can be seen as Barrett, Tifa, and Aerith cannot be in the same battle with Cloud as the trailer cuts to a different fight to showcase attacks.

For some reason, Cloud doesn’t exhibit gravity defying agility as he doesn’t walk on walls and stays grounded to fight Shinra troops. However, he does have his superhuman strength and grounded agility as he quickly closes in against foes using the massive Buster Blade.

In one of his attacks, he uses one of his signature moves, Cross Slash, to obliterate a foes as each slash whilst writing a Kanji letter using yellow energy. Additionally, Cloud can also be seen blocking bullets with his sword and walking at a slow pace while doing it.

Aside from Cloud, Barrett Wallace also has some gameplay to show. Unlike Cloud, Barrett mostly fights with firearms such as his machine gun hand and even a rocket shot from the same hand. The rocket attack could be a nod to Barrett’s Limit Break attack, Big Shot.

Other characters seen in the fight trailer is Aerith, and Tifa. So far, Aerith only showcased a few spear hits to help Cloud. Meanwhile, Tifa was barely seen in frame using her fists or anything that Square Enix is planning add on her “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” iteration.

The trailer ends with an announcement for more details this coming June. E3 2019 happens on the same month but the announcement may not come from Sony, but from Square Enix instead. Since the beginning of the State of Play livestreams, Sony has confirmed that they won’t be on this year’s E3 for their major announcements.

We'll have to wait until next month to see what new details will Square Enix show about this game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: A surprise announcement at E3, the FF7 remake trailer shows that the development is in the hands of the original games’ key members, which is a relief for fans everywhere. While not many details were announced other than that it is happening (which is huge news in itself since it’s been 18 years since the last one), we can only imagine with the update in graphics that this will be a massive hit. Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Other platforms will most likely follow after), Price: TBD, Release date: TBD (Most likely in 2017 for the 20 year anniversary). Sony