• Square Enix announced that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is delayed to April 10, 2020
  • "FFVII Remake" producer Yoshinori Kitase said this is so that the developers can polish it
  • "Marvel's Avengers," another Square Enix title, is delayed as well

Square Enix has announced that “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” one of the most awaited role-playing game titles today, will be released a month after the planned original release date.

In an announcement made via Square Enix's website, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” producer Yoshinori Kitase said the highly anticipated reimagining of the 1997 PlayStation classic will be released on April 10 instead of March 3 this year. This is so that the company can ensure that the game will be in-line with its vision and that it will be of the quality that fans deserve.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” is an ambitious project. The upcoming game won't feature the entire story that players of the original game enjoyed. Instead, this upcoming release will only focus on the events of the game that occurred in Midgar, which is but a fifth of the PlayStation classic. Succeeding parts will be released in future episodes.

Kitase explained that the development team is committed to make sure that the upcoming game is polished and capable of satisfying fan expectations. He does, however, apologize for the disappointment the delay might cause excited fans.

“We are making this tough decision in order to give ourselves a few extra weeks to apply final polish to the game and to deliver you with the best possible experience. I, on behalf of the whole team, want to apologize to everyone, as I know this means waiting for the game just a little bit longer,” Kitase said.

Another delay

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” isn't the only Square Enix title to be delayed this year. Crystal Dynamics also announced that “Marvel's Avengers,” which was supposed to be released in May, will now be released a few months later in September.

Crystal Dynamics' Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg announced via posts in the company's website and official Twitter account that the game will be delayed to Sept. 4 so that the company can make sure that it will “deliver the ultimate Avengers gaming experience.” They said the developers will work on polishing and fine tuning the game so that it can deliver the kind of quality fans will want.