• Square Enix dropped a new trailer for "Final Fantasy VII Remake"
  • The trailer reveals more about the game's main protagonist, Cloud, particularly his personality and relationship with the other characters
  • The trailer also hints that the game will focus on Midgar only

Square Enix has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” giving old and new players alike a better look at who Cloud Strife is.

A new trailer for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” has been released during the recent Game Awards, and it gives fans and viewers alike a better look at who Cloud Strife, the ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary, is.

The trailer is just 1:29 long, but it perfectly shows the Buster Sword-wielder's personality. It features a lot of dialogues, with lines coming from various characters in the Remake. What can fans discover about Cloud from the trailer? Here are a few things:

Cloud is involved in dangerous things, apparently

The game's main protagonist said this himself when he introduced himself to one of the game's most beloved characters, Aerith.

“ Look, I'm involved in things … dangerous things,” Cloud said. “So?” Aerith responds. “So keep your distance,” Cloud answers.

Cloud is a mercenary hired by Avalanche, a group led by Barret Wallace

The trailer shows Avalanche members Barret, Tifa, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge as they interact with Cloud throughout the game. It also shows a few interesting scenes that fans of the original game will appreciate.

For one, there's this scene where Jessie shouts because Cloud almost fell down from a broken footbridge. The hero, however, jumps back right up as if nothing happened. Jessie, surprised at what she saw, praised Cloud and said “okay, that was pretty cool.”

Cloud, known to be cold, smirks but obviously tries so hard to keep it to himself. This smirk caused fans to react on YouTube wildly.

Cloud made a promise he has to keep

There were some scenes showing intimate conversations between Cloud and Tifa, who were childhood friends. Those who played the original game will know that the two were friends since childhood, but Cloud left town to join SOLDIER in an attempt to be like Sephiroth, who was still hailed as a great SOLDIER at the time. Tifa made him promise something before he left.

The trailer showed Cloud as thinking about his old friend Tifa, who was “in a tight spot” as she was involved in a fight for the planet. And despite being cold and distant, he stayed because he made a promise to her.

“ Well, seems this old friend of mine's in a tight spot,” Cloud said. “Long time ago I made a promise, so...”

The trailer closes with Tifa, saying what many fans of the series, and “FFVII” in particular, want to say: “I'm really glad to have you back, Cloud. Really glad.”

“ Final Fantasy VII Remake” is scheduled for release on March 3 next year. For now, fans will have to settle for the trailer, which also reveals a few interesting things like excellent in-game background music.