• Square Enix previously delayed the release of "Final Fantasy VII Remake"
  • Now, Square Enix requires those who pre-ordered the game via the company website to confirm their pre-orders
  • Players must opt-in on or before Feb. 28 to continue purchasing the game

Square Enix has announced that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” pre-orders made via the game company's website might be canceled unless players respond to an email the company will send.

Earlier, Square Enix announced that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” will be delayed until April 10 so that the game will be in-line with the company's vision and so that it will feature the kind of quality that fans of the beloved game will deserve.

Given that the game is an ambitious reimagining of the 1997 classic, it simply seems logical for the company to ask for more time to polish it. A new announcement, however, indicates that the company also wants to be capable of accommodating the number of players who will want to purchase the game.

In a Facebook post, Square Enix said those who pre-ordered “Final Fantasy VII Remake” via the company website will need to confirm their pre-orders via clicking on a link included in an email the company will send to them. Those who click on the link will be taken to a webpage where they will need to opt in to continue pre-ordering the game.

“If you do not opt-in to keep your pre-order by February 28th, your pre-order will be automatically cancelled. We will not be able to reinstate your pre-order, based on limited quantities available,” Square Enix said.

The game company also announced that due to the change in release schedule, it will start processing payments for the game starting on Feb. 28, the same day pre-orders will be cancelled. Those who will opt-in to continue purchasing the game will receive an email to remind them of their purchase, and so that they can make sure that their stipulated payment method is up to date.

Game details

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” will not contain the entire storyline presented in the PlayStation classic. The Remake will instead focus on the events that transpired in Midgar, which amounts to about a fifth of all the events in the original game.

The Remake will introduce a few major and interesting changes to the original, foremost of which is the huge jump in graphical designs, as well as the introduction of a new battle system. Players will also see a lot of changes in the way summons work.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
The "Final Fantasy VII Remake" logo. Square Enix