Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy video game series hasn’t given up on Final Fantasy IV, even though it launched Final Fantasy XV in November 2016. The company announced Tuesday the Patch 3.56 for the game, which adds new enhancements to it.

“The latest update removes the 14-day time restriction previously placed on free trial accounts, allowing anyone to experience the award-winning MMO for free, up to level 35. Players will be able to continue exploring the realm of Eorzea for as long as they like, or try out different playable races, classes, and jobs,” the company said in its press release.

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The company has waived off the 14-day time limitation on the Final Fantasy XIV trial. Instead, it will just have a level cap on the free trial.

Earlier, the Final Fantasy XIV trial had both a level cap and expiry date. Once you created your first character, it would expire after 14 days, whether or not you made it to level 35. Once you hit level 35, you would be restricted from going to further levels and would not be able to try other classes or features of the game. The new setting will allow you to make it to level 35 at your own pace and then invest in the game if you want.

If you start from the beginning again, you would be able to develop a new character in a new world although there is a cap on the number of characters you can create — eight in total, maximum one per world.

The change will also apply retroactively to disabled free accounts, whose trial had lapsed in the past.

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Patch 3.56 will be the last patch of the Heavensward chapter of Final Fantasy XIV. The next chapter Stormblood, will launch on June 20th. It will provide players with an entire new continent to explore, along with Red Mage and Samurai Classes update.