• "Final Fantays XVI" was announced at the PS5 Showcase event
  • The announcement came with a four-minute trailer
  • While nothing much was shown on the trailer, some fans uncovered interesting details that could shed some light on what "Final Fantasy XVI" is about

The announcement trailer of “Final fantasy XVI” may be light in terms of details, but fans have uncovered interesting information from it that could shed new light about the next entry of the popular Square Enix franchise.

Reddit user Arkeilodon shared interesting information about “Final Fantasy XVI” based on the class movesets shown in the sequences of the game’s announcement trailer. The fan pointed out convincing parallels to the Blue Mage class.

In his post titled “Main Character is an Eikon-based Blue Mage,” the “Final Fantasy XVI” fan shared a sequence of stills from the game’s announcement trailer along with the alleged moves. The post showed the garuda Pull, the Phoenix Basic Combo and the Finisher to the Titan Punch. The tipster made it clear that his' are just speculations. 

Final Fantasy XV A new “Final Fantasy XV” update is arriving later this week. Photo: Square Enix

Meanwhile, Twitter user Aitaikimochi shared a translation of the “Awakening” “Final Fantasy XVI” trailer. The fan also mentioned some interesting bits of lore from the trailer. It includes the presence of crystals, which protects the people, an indication that a large war happened and the marking on the faces of the soldiers that allegedly prevent them from disobeying orders.

Gaming studio Square Enix announced the “Final Fantasy XVI” at the recent PS5 Showcase event a few days ago. The four-minute announcement trailer showed footage from different aspects of the game, suggesting that it is in development. Unfortunately, no release timing was revealed at the announcement.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier recently claimed that “Final Fantasy XVI” has been in development for at least four years. The gaming industry insider further said that fans might see the release of the game sooner. On the Triple Click podcast, Schreier mentioned that people who know the game, have worked on the game or are familiar with the game are the sources of information.

“Final Fantasy XVI” is being directed by Hiroshi Takai, the man behind “The Last Remnant” and “Final Fantasy XIV.” A few days ago, Game Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned that Square Enix was planning to offer players with an unmatched experience in terms of gameplay and story. He added that the next big information about “Final Fantasy XVI” would be released next year.