In upper Austria there is a small village that doesn't like to f*** around. What's the name of the town of around 100 residents? F***ing.

You read it right. In upper Austria hides a tiny village named F***ing. The name has caused residents nothing but trouble over the years, and they decided that it's time for a change.

According to NBC, the town was discovered by American servicemen who were stationed close by at the end of World War II. Besides gawking, residents claim that visitors of the village have been caught having sex alongside street signs. Beyond posing provocatively next to the signs, stealing them has become quite frequent.

Prank phone calls are also a problem for F***ing. The phone calls are really the final straw, said F***ing mayor Franz Meindl.

Due to the immaturity of others, the village voted on Tuesday to change the name of their home from F***ing to Fugging. This isn't the first time that the town has petitioned for the change though. The UK's Mirror reports that in 1996 the village voted down changing their name. While current residents might be fine with the change to Fugging, a town 200 miles south has a problem with F***ing. Their town is already named Fugging.

Andreas Dockner, mayor of the village of Fugging told the UK Mirror that We think one Fugging in Austria is enough. Dockner's village had the name F***ing since 1195, they changed their name from F***ing to Fugging in 1836. We are very proud of our name, he continued. But it is our name now.

A word of advice from the mayor of Fugging to the mayor of F***ing: I'd advise F***ing not to change anything.