Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented plans for a new Apple Campus to the Cupertino City Council on Tuesday, to create space for the growing number of employees.

Apple has proposed to build a state-of-the-art campus in Cupertino, California, a day after the company unveiled Apple iCloud, a music-streaming service, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) in San Francisco.

The new Cupertino campus is said to be shaped like a spaceship and will feature an energy center, a fitness center, Research & Development facilities, an auditorium and a separate parking structure.

The proposed campus will add to the current 3,700 trees in the region bringing the number up to 6,000, Steve Jobs, said while presenting the plan at Cupertino City Council meeting.

According to the city council, Apple Inc originally announced plans to build a new campus at a city council meeting in April 2006, and has since purchased a 92-acre parcel in Cupertino that previously belonged to HP.

The company now owns a total of 180 acres in Cupertino in the area of the proposed new campus and is one of the major contributors to the city’s economy.

Apple continues to be the single largest employer in Cupertino and its continued success represents an important and tangible indication of the vitality of our local businesses and economy, city council said in a statement expressing enthusiasm for the project.

“A hallmark of Apple's technology has been innovation and the high value that the company places on design,” said Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong appreciating the concept of a spaceship modeled campus.

Have a look at Apple's proposed spaceship modeled campus presented by Steve Jobs:

Have a look at the proposed Apple's spaceship modeled campus presented by Steve Jobs (Image credit: Cupertino City Council):