What Google+ is all about?
+HuddleHuddle is a SMS conversation made by group of members whose mobile phone numbers are visible to all. Receive and reply to group text messages from Google+ Huddle. Huddle is a super-fast group messaging for everyone in the user's circles."Huddle is a new way for you to easily stay in touch while you're on the go. With Huddle, you can text groups of people or individual friends in Google+ Mobile. When you receive a new message in Huddle, Google+ sends a push notification to your phone," Google said.[ALSO READ] Google+ launched – What are the top 10 Social Networking Sites? IBTimes

Users have tried out the Google+ and praises have been high for the social network's latest return into the market. As the tech giant looks to continue its momentum, Facebook will look to counter Google, setting up an epic battle of social networks in the coming months. For now there are five things that users would like to see even as Google+ is dliligently building its new network.

Google+ has made progress in certain areas in order offer the coolest features in order to draw in Facebook users. Some of this includes its latest iOS app offering and improved photo tagging on Picasa. The Android app is already available in the marketplace. Everything will be wrapped within Google+ and more are on the way.

The battle with Facebook could heat up even more as the social network giant plans to unveil something 'awesome,' possibly a video conference feature with Skype. Google's current bid for the popular online video company Hulu can also stir things up if the transaction follows through.

Number 5, More Hangout Video: Google+ struck cord with their easy to use and smooth functioning video conference tool 'Hangout.' By allowing up to 10 users to join a video chat, Google has put the social back in video conferencing. A new culture of socializing could be propelled by Hangout's communication tool such as watching video clips together or even playing games as a group.

Google+ may also enhance the current Hangout feature for business and companies looking to offer webinars to employees online. The feature could offer more than 10 users at a time and integrate enhanced chat and communication features as seen on Adobe Connect or Skype. The social and business aspect can be in one platform, allowing users to switch on the fly just like the Circle feature for organizing friends.

Number 4, Social Games: Zynga may now have more options other than Facebook if Google+ joins the social games arena. Google knows that the game company Zynga has successfully drawn in users to spend 2 billion minutes a day on games such as Farmville and Cityville. It was last year that Google invested $100 million into the Zynga and could be looking to offer users another reason to join the Google+ network. Google has already expressed interest into online social games and it will just be a matter of time once they integrate it with their social network.

Number 3, Music Beta: With rival Facebook already turning their wheels to include music into their social network, Google may not be far behind with their Music Beta project. Music Beta is Google's own cloud based music player that is currently offered as a trial account. Like Apple's iCloud, Music Beta will likely be offered to all mobile devices that can sync up with up to 20,000 songs stored on Google's cloud servers. Google+ could look to integrate Music Beta and offer features such as music sharing, notifications, and listing recommended songs between friends.

Number 2, Groupons and Payments: Coping without the purchase of Groupon, Google offered their own coupon distribution service called Google Offers. Google+ could look to expand Google Offer's reach through its extended portfolio of websites such as Gmail and YouTube. Along with their other project Google Wallet, its social network can bring plenty of opportunities to both merchants and buyers allowing for plenty of advertising reach and convenient purchases for customers using their smartphones to make purchases. Users can conveniently search for coupons, share them with friends, and may a payment all under Google+.

Number 1, TV Shows: The thought of watching Hulu television shows under Google+ social network is an exciting thought. Google currently offers Hangout, allowing Circle of friends to come together via video conferencing. The other online video giant YouTube along with Hulu could be the dynamic duo that can launch Google+ and possibly Google TV to the top.

Possibilities could include watching TV shows with up to 10 friends at a time, commenting and conversing with one another throughout the viewing. Invites can be sent or friends inside the Circle can just drop in and join the viewing party. Clips and shows can be easily shared on mobile devices and computers since everything is tied in under the Google+ platform.

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