Savitar the flash
Savitar revealed himself as a future version of Barry Allen at the end of Season 3. The CW

One of the most talked-about aspects of 'The Flash' Season 3 was Savitar’s true identity. Instead of waiting until the last episode of the season, 'The Flash' actually revealed Savitar’s identity in episode 7. The problem was fans (and Barry) didn’t believe what the villain was saying… or at least didn’t take it at face value. Future Flash tricked everyone and there was so much confusion on the viewer's end that even the captions became an integral part of fan theories.

In episode 7, Savitar said, “You are the past, whereas I am the future Flash.” He said this again in episode 9, and again, and again throughout the season. Barry specifically asks Savitar, "Who are you?" Savitar straight up says, "Future Flash,” without hesitation.

As always, fans (us included) started overthinking and theorizing about the whole thing, even replaying the subtitles to see if there was a comma between Future and Flash for clarification. The fact that everyone was overthinking the Savitar reveal, and questioning the villain’s own words, is the only reason the unmasking came as a true surprise. Yes, Savitar is The Flash from the future. I am the future, Flash. I am the Future Flash. What’s the difference?

Savitar actually makes fun of the fanbase, and Barry, for that matter, by saying. “Like I told you from the beginning, I am Future Flash.”

When we spoke with Kid Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale, he shed some light on whether or not this whole thing was the creative team’s intention.

“I personally believe that it was intentional... Everything [Savitar] did, he did for a reason, so I think they wrote that in there on purpose,” Lonsdale said when we asked whether or not he was aware of the comma thing, which he said he wasn’t, but he said he knows of some of the other fan theories on the internet.

“We are all on social media. We see things here and there, but at the same time there are too many fan theories,” Lonsdale said. “It’s definitely fun to see. You know, a lot of fans get things right, so that's kind of cool.”

The fact of the matter is, the writers really took advantage of the culture by beating us at our own game. The reveal in the season finale proved the fanbase needs to sit down and just enjoy the ride. This whole situation suggests the writers pretty much had to depend on the audience overanalyzing Savitar to make it a surprise, which is very telling of modern-day TV. It’s extremely smart way to get around spoilers breaking every reveal, and represents how writers have had to adapt to a new age where fans can find all the answers.