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  • Louis Gaskin requested barbeque pork ribs, buffalo wings and others for his last meal
  • Gaskin was sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of a couple
  • There were 298 inmates in Florida on death row before Gaskin's execution

A Florida death row inmate's choice of last meal before his execution this week has been revealed.

Louis Bernard Gaskin, known as the "ninja killer," was executed by lethal injection at Florida State Prison Wednesday night after being sentenced to death in 1990 for the 1989 killing of a couple.

The inmate, 56, requested barbeque pork ribs, buffalo wings, pork and turkey neck, shrimp fried rice, French fries with honey barbeque sauce, and water for his last meal, the Florida Department of Corrections told Fox News. The meal cost no more than $40 and was purchased locally.

Gaskin was visited by his sister Wednesday before his scheduled 6 p.m. execution. However, he declined to meet with a spiritual adviser. Relatives of the victims were not present during his execution, NBC News reported.

Authorities said Gaskin received the lethal cocktail of drugs at 6:02 p.m., causing him to breathe heavily under a white sheet. Three minutes later, the prison's warden checked if the inmate was still conscious, but Gaskin no longer responded.

Gaskin's breathing reportedly stopped at 6:07 p.m., and he was declared dead eight minutes later after a doctor examined him.

"Justice is not about the crime. It's not about the criminal," Gaskin said in his last statement, the outlet reported. "It's about the law."

"Look at my case," he added, referring to the legal proceedings surrounding his case and the appeals.

A jury recommended his death sentence in 1990 with an 8-4 vote, which the judge accepted. Gaskin reportedly filed numerous appeals, which were all junked by the court. His latest denial was on Tuesday.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Gaskin's death warrant in March.

Gaskin was convicted of the first-degree murder of couple Robert Sturmfels, 56, and Georgette Sturmfels, 55, on Dec. 20, 1989, in their home in Flagler County, Florida. While wearing all-black ninja clothing, he shot his victims with a .22-caliber rifle and stole items such as a clock, two lamps and a videocassette recorder, which were found in his residence.

Gaskin was also convicted of armed robbery, burglary and the attempted murder of another couple who lived nearby. He intended to give the stolen items to his girlfriend as Christmas gifts, according to investigators.

Gaskin admitted to the crimes and told a psychologist ahead of his trial that he was aware of what he did, noting the guilt that he felt.

"The guilt was always there," Gaskin said. "The devil had more of a hold than God did. I knew that I was wrong. I wasn't insane."

Gaskin's execution came six weeks after Donald Dillbeck was put to death for the 1990 murder of a 44-year-old woman in Tallahassee and three weeks ahead of the scheduled execution of Darryl B. Barwick for killing a 24-year-old woman in 1986 in Panama City.

There are 297 more people on death row in the state, Florida Department of Corrections records show.

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