A 20-year-old Florida man has been accused of fatally stabbing his co-worker outside her apartment after she repeatedly refused his romantic advances.

Agustin Lucas Mariani has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 28-year-old Delfina Pan. The incident happened on Nov. 29 in Miami Beach. Pan, who was from Argentina, worked with Mariani in a restaurant. 

Friends and neighbors of Pan told police that Mariani arrived at the victim's apartment in North Beach uninvited and waited for her. Pan had left work early on the day of the crime. Mariani, who was scheduled to work double shifts, left work in the middle of his shift and went to the woman's apartment. 

When Pan refused to let Mariani enter her home, Mariani "produced a knife and without being provoked, began to stab the victim." The weapon was allegedly taken from the restaurant where the duo worked, the Miami Herald reported.

Mariani then ripped open his shirt and stabbed himself in the upper chest, police said. His wounds were non-fatal. He was reportedly found lying on top of the victim.

The two were rushed to a hospital but Pan was pronounced dead there. 

Pan's coworkers and friends told investigators that Mariani had been obsessed with the victim for several months. He often confessed his love for Pan, which she declined carefully without provoking him.

"He worked with us. A super strange boy and nobody knew anything about his life. He went to work and did not say hello to anyone," one of Pan's friends said of Mariani, the New York Post reported.

Police charged the suspect Thursday while he was recovering at the hospital. Mariani did not give a statement and invoked his rights to remain silent before being charged. 

In September, a 27-year-old man allegedly killed a 19-year-old Florida woman, Miya Marcano, after she rebuffed his romantic advances. The suspect was a maintenance worker at Marcano's building. Police later found the suspect dead in his apartment. 

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