Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump in Florida, according to polls released Thursday. Both candidates are holding campaign events on the same day in the state.

A Monmouth University survey shows Biden leading Trump by 5 points among registered voters in Florida, 50% to 45%. The poll of 509 Florida voters was conducted from Oct. 24-28, and has a 4.4 point margin of error.

An NBC News/Marist College survey shows Biden leading Trump by 4 points among likely Florida voters, 51% to 47%. The survey of 743 voters was conducted from Oct. 25-27, and has a 4.4 point margin of error.

Florida, which carries 29 electoral votes, will likely be called on Election Night, as the state is already processing mail-in ballots. Should Trump lose Florida, he would need upsets wins in blue-leaning states to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win a second term. 

During a rally Thursday in Tampa, Florida, Trump railed against COVID-19 shutdowns and accused Biden of being “paid off” by China. First lady Melania Trump was also present at the event. 

During a campaign event in Broward County, Biden urged Floridians to get out the vote, telling them “the heart and soul of this country is at stake.”

Biden told Florida voters that they “hold the key” to swiftly defeating Trump on Nov. 3. 

There has been heavy attention paid to the state. Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg raised $16 million to allow former felons to vote in Florida. Both Trump and Biden have pumped campaign dollars to win the state. According to recent data, Biden reserved about $6.8 million in advertising, while Trump and the Republican National Committee reserved $2.9 million to spend.

In 2016, Trump won Florida over Hillary Clinton by a 1.2 point margin, 49% to 47.8%. Trump recently made Florida is residence.

The state has long been a hotbed for presidential politics. Florida famously helped President George W. Bush win the 2000 election by fewer than 600 votes.

The Cook Political Report rates Florida a “toss up” this cycle.