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A high school student from Florida shot and killed herself Wednesday at her school auditorium after seeking permission to use the washroom. The school was placed on a brief code red lock-down after the gunshot was heard. This is a representational image of an empty classroom in a school at Ljubljana, Slovenia April 18, 2018. Jure Makovec/AFP/Getty Images


  • The teacher said she "wanted to shoot some students" because they were not performing well
  • Authorities allowed the teacher to return to work despite what she had said
  • Parents of the students expressed disapproval of the teacher's return to school

Despite her supposed comments that she wanted to hurt some students, a Florida teacher was allowed to return to school to work.

An unnamed teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School allegedly told an assistant principal in late March that she was "having bad thoughts" and "wanted to shoot some students."

Following this, the assistant principal sent the teacher to a guidance counselor and made the school resource officer (SRO) aware of the situation, stated a report from the sheriff's office obtained by Fox News.

During the conversation with the guidance counselor, the teacher said she was upset upon learning about a social media post where "people were talking negatively about her sexual orientation."

The police report said the teacher "was born as a male but is currently in the transformation stage of becoming a woman." It further stated that the teacher had been taking hormone medications and was preparing for surgery over the summer, Hernando Sun reported.

She admitted that she "has suicidal thoughts" and owned "three handguns at home." The teacher added she "wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability."

However, she immediately clarified that "she would never harm a student" and "stated that she does not want to harm herself," the sheriff's report said.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, a judge granted a permanent Risk Protection Order on the day the three handguns and ammunition were seized from the teacher's residence.

The risk protection order expires in one year, according to a Fox 13 report.

Following this, officials said the teacher was initially cleared to return to the classroom and work. A threat assessment protocol was also made to ensure she would not pose any risk.

"What the report shows is that a team of professionals made up of school, district and law enforcement personnel followed all steps of the district's threat assessment protocol to ensure this teacher was no danger to themselves or others," the spokesperson of the Hernando County Sheriff Office said on Wednesday.

John Stratton, superintendent of schools, stressed that the teacher would be removed from "all student contact," noting that the return date would be determined based on the results of the probe.

"In light of this additional information, the school district will continue to investigate the incident and require further involvement by mental health experts. As part of our investigation, we will take a hard look at all the actions that were taken on that day, and in the days following the incident, and determine if any steps were missed," Stratton said in a statement.

Despite the efforts of security and school authorities, parents of the children enrolled at the school expressed disapproval of allowing the teacher to return to work.

"Anybody that makes a comment like that should not be working in a school. If a student made that comment there would be charges pressed. The child would be expelled," Mike Martini, a parent of a Fox Chapel student, told Fox 13.

Another parent, Aramis Rosario, said, "My heart dropped the moment that I heard that it was confirmed that there [were] actual weapons inside of the household."

The teacher involved has not made any statement yet following developments on the issue involving her.

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