The Velvet Garden
Kimm Birkicht of The Velvet Garden sat down with the International Business Times to give us exclusive tips on how to perfect the art of floral arranging. The Velvet Garden

Spring has officially sprung! And what better way to celebrate the warmer season than to stop and smell the roses? So, take a well-deserved break from packing away your winter clothes and step outside to see the flowers beginning to bloom.

If that sounds like a breath of fresh air to you then you’ll love our exclusive interview with Kimm Birkicht, of The Velvet Garden. The flower-savvy creative director and co-founder of her floral design studio in Los Angeles sat down with the International Business Times to share some of her best-kept secrets of how to create coffee table worthy arrangements.

If this is your first time dabbling in the world of flowers then these are the guidelines you’ll need in order to perfect the art of arranging. From the tools you’ll need to discussing the most easily-made rooky mistakes, the stylish Birkicht, who designed arrangements from weddings to movie premieres, left no stone unturned as she taught us how to make the world a more beautiful place with the simple place of a flower.

The Velvet Garden
Kimm Birkicht is a floral guru! Check out her elegant arrangements by visiting The Velvet Garden

IBT: What tools/products will you need for flower arranging?
KB: Floral knife, floral scissors, garden clippers, strong water resistant tape, oasis, wire and flowers of course!

IBT: What type of flowers do you suggest for spring floral arrangements?
KB: Dutch tulips, lilac, peonies, viburnum, helleborus, garden roses, and ranunculus.

IBT: Do you have a favorite color scheme for the spring?
KB: My favorite color schemes for spring are whites with crisp greens, peaches and pinks, and lavenders and purples.

IBT: What is the best way to cut your flowers?
KB: Always cut stems at an angle. Woody stems need to be cut up the middle of the branch.

IBT: Is there a trick to making your flowers last longer/stay fresher?
KB: One thing you can do is create a 7up and Clorox solution and put it into your water bucket to keep your flowers fresh. Change your water daily, re-cut your stems, and mist the flowers when making arrangements.

IBT: Where is the best place in your home to keep your arrangement?
KB: Keep them away from the heat! Keep them away from sunny areas and from the air conditioner.

IBT: What are your favorite type of vases to use for flower arranging? Do you have any unique suggestions?
KB: I love using all types of vases from vintage treasures to extremely minimal. For instance, vintage etched glass to sharp angular metal containers.

IBT: Do you have a favorite stabilizing method for your floral arrangements? (I.e. using marbles/sea glass to help your flowers stand up tall)
KB: Oasis floral tape really helps keep things in place. I like seeing the beautiful green stems show through glass containers.

IBT: What are rookie mistakes first timers may make during flower arranging?
KB: Color combination is a common mistake. Also, cutting stems to short and placement of design.

IBT: Can you share with us your favorite flowers and why?
KB: I like to categorize flowers by season, because I love so many! For winter it’s ranunculus, spring it's peonies, summer it's dahlias (all shapes and colors), and for fall it's garden roses.

Birkicht’s tips left us feeling more confident than ever to enter the creative world of floral arranging. Curious to see more of Birkicht’s memorable work? Check out her fabulous Instagram account here. Happy arranging!